Social media should no longer be used by criminals bragging and attracting others to commit crimes.

Our city is a beautiful place to live, work, invest and raise a family. We are currently tarnished by this repeat offenders committing terrible behaviour. I will continue working to get the Queensland Government to enact sensible solutions to this terrible crisis, including:

  • to make detention no longer the last resort for magistrates  
  • to introduce tougher minimum sentences rather than the existing tougher maximum sentences  
  • to use ankle monitoring devices (which are almost never used).   

We do not want to see more kids in detention; no-one does. We just want to see fewer kids committing these barbaric crimes and a safer Toowoomba.  


I want our community to be a safe place for families to live and prosper. I want to ensure Australia is safe and secure. Garth Hamilton MP

Sensible Solutions to the Crime Crisis

I have taken community-driven solutions to the Parliament, and proposed policy responses to the Premier. On behalf of our local community, I have

  • Established the ‘We will walk with you’ campaign with Triple M’s Lee Faulkner to help vulnerable people in our community in February 2023  
  • Introduced our Private Member’s Bill following consultations with the community to address social media as a recruitment tool: the Online Safety Amendment (Breaking Online Notoriety) Bill 2023  
  • Wrote to every Member of Parliament outlining the key issues and seeking their support of the Bill  
  • Brought the local issue to the attention of the national media with a SkyNews forum and special report in Toowoomba
  • Continued to speak in the Parliament to ensure this issue remains on the agenda 
  • Wrote to the Premier on 2 May 2023 seeking an update on commitments made at the crime forum  
  • Met with QPS on 3 May 2023 to receive an update on local police action 
  • Met with the eSafety Commissioner in Canberra on 24 May to discuss criminal activity issues and the proposed legislation 

What will my bill do?

  • Tougher laws and more police are solid foundations in responding to the crime crisis. 
  • Social media has become a tool for young offenders to boast about their crimes, which are glamourised by their peers and is demeaning to victims. The notoriety of crime is perpetuating a cycle of youth offending.
  • The intent of the Bill is to empower the eSafety Commissioner, to remove content that is being used to recruit children to commit crimes.  

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#ShutEmUp - Take criminal activity off social media.

Criminals should NOT be allowed to post images and videos bragging about crimes online. Sign the petition to get this taken down.