Water Security

Water is the key to life in the Toowoomba Region – and one of our biggest challenges.

Years of drought, significant residential and industrial growth have exposed the need to urgently invest in new infrastructure to improve water security.

New dams and pipelines will be critical in supporting our people, industry, and land to flourish now, and in the future. Especially as the Toowoomba Region population grows.

I am committed to addressing this issue across all levels of government.

Unfortunately, Labor has taken an axe to the water investments the Liberal National Coalition was making, for Queenslands future.

As Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick said in the AFR on November 14, 2023: “Queensland has already endured cuts to infrastructure, with the federal government cutting $5.7 billion to Queensland water projects in its first budget, and making major reductions in inland rail in Queensland. No other state has suffered that level of reduction,”.

I’ll keep fighting for funding in our region.