The proposed redevelopment of Clive Berghofer Stadium (Toowoomba Sports Ground) can be an opportunity, but if not managed right, it will be a disaster for residents in East Toowoomba and another Labor white elephant.

I don’t oppose investment in our City. But I do believe we need to get that investment right, to support our local economy, jobs, businesses and most importantly, residents. I am listening to what you say.

Is the current location the best site? What transport upgrades come with it? How will public transport be boosted? What about local roads and parking? What are the alternatives? How can we best leverage this investment? How do we ensure a sustainable investment that delivers for the long term?

Please, have your say about the proposed development.

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On Wednesday, 16 August 2023 I held a community forum at the East Toowoomba Bowls Club.

Approximately 120 concerned residents attended and had their say about the proposal. Key concerns included:

  • Lack of consultation and no detail available
  • Protecting local heritage
  • Unmitigated impacts, such as noise and local amenity
  • Congestion and parking issues
  • Impact on existing clubs using the site
  • Sustainability of the proposal, including spending funds to build temporary seating

As a result of the meeting, I have written to the Premier, Mayor of Toowoomba Regional Council and submitted Questions in Writing to the Federal Minister for Infrastructure.

August 2023 – Letter to the Premier

Response from Minister Miles

August 2023 – Letter to Mayor McDonald

August 2023 – Letter to Minister Catherine King, Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

Response from Minister King

Questions in Writing – Garth Hamilton MP to Hon Catherine King

20231018 – Toowoomba Sports Ground expenditure

20231110 – Deputy Premier response, commitment to consultation


Olympic Infrastructure Venue Review – Toowoomba Sports Ground