Get Inland Rail to Toowoomba

Toowoomba is well-placed to be the ‘freight and logistics hub’ of SEQ

Inland Rail is an important nation building project that will transform the way we move freight in Australia.

My goal is to ensure that Toowoomba Region businesses and producers receive the full benefits of this rail line, every step of the way.

If we succeed in delivering this project to its maximum potential, we will increase competitiveness between road and rail in moving product to the Port of Brisbane and unlock Toowoomba Region’s strategic potential as a global hub for food and fibre.

I call on the government to pause Inland Rail at Toowoomba, once it crosses the border (Border to Gowrie).

If the government is serious about addressing the environmental, economic and engineering concerns of the Inland Rail, it would support this proposal.

Why pause at Toowoomba?

  • We need to get on with realising the benefits of Inland Rail, Toowoomba is strongly positioned as a logistics hub and it would leverage existing connections.
  • Freight operators are already investing and setting up here, in anticipation of Inland Rail.
  • There are serious engineering issues with crossing the range by rail.
  • If the Labor Government are serious about addressing the cost of Inland Rail and getting rollingstock moving, they can ‘pause’ the project in Toowoomba, realise the benefit and take a stage approach to the next steps.

 Question in Writing 387