Labor’s cost of living crisis is hitting Australians hard right now. Here in Groom, I hear from residents each day about the rising cost of housing, healthcare, fuel, food and the struggle to keep the lights on.

Anthony Albanese was elected on a promise to lower the cost of living for Australians – he promised that Australians would be better off under his government.  

Labor promised to reduce energy bills by $275, but energy bills have skyrocketed 

They promised cheaper mortgages, but interest rates have increased 11 times under Labor 

They promised to get inflation under control, but there is no plan in sight and Australians are paying the price 

The Coalition know’s the cost of living is the number one issue facing Australians right now – that’s why we set up the Select Committee on the Cost of Living to find sensible solutions that will make a real impact for ordinary Australians.  

But to do that, the Committee needs to hear directly from you about the real, everyday pressures that you’re facing so they know exactly where the pressure points are.  

If you have five minutes spare, head to to complete the survey and share your story about how you’re coping with the rising cost of living.  

I know many households in Groom are making tough decisions about their budgets right now. It’s a shame that Jim Chalmers and Anthony Albanese weren’t prepared to do the same with theirs.  

I will hold the Albanese Government to account for the promises they made during the election and I will continue to fight for the issues that matter to you.  

Kind regards,